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OrthoMetals recycles metals remaining

after cremation, for over 17 years now.

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About OrthoMetals

We are OrthoMetals. We recycle all metals remaining after cremation. More than 650 crematoria worldwide are currently part of the OrthoMetals solution.


OrthoMetals is a family owned and operated business and we have perfected the concept of recycling metals remaining after cremation. We have been doing this for over seventeen years with a sole focus on crematoria. Our personal commitment guarantees complete control and transparency of the recycling process for you. The OrthoMetals solution is free of charge for all participating crematoria.

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OrthoMetals guarantees a transparent

and solid process of metal recycling.

We have been doing this for over 17 years

and guarantee quality and personal attention.


We recycle

We recycle for you! OrthoMetals welcomes you to take part in our recycling solution. OrthoMetals provides you with a complete recycling solution for crematoria.

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We guarantee

We guarantee a transparent and solid process for the metal recycling! OrthoMetals guarantees to take care of the metal waste problem for crematoria worldwide. Over 650 crematoria have already joined the OrthoMetals solution since 1997.

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We care

We care for you! With the OrthoMetals solution, we provide a service to make sure you can do what you do best. At the same time we provide you with the opportunity to support (local) charity.

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With our work, we support charity.

Most of our revenue is used

by crematoriums to return

something to the society.

Our clients about us

We work for you

OrthoMetals is globally active and works for and with you. We speak your language or work with local partners.

Interested to see if we are already active in your country? See our world map!