We recycle metals after cremation.

We take care of the complete

recycling process, so crematoria can focus

on what they do best.

About us

We are OrthoMetals. We recycle all metals remaining after cremation. More than 700 crematoria worldwide are currently using the OrthoMetals solution.


OrthoMetals is a family owned and operated business and we have perfected the concept of recycling metals remaining after cremation. We have been doing this for almost twenty years with a sole focus on metals coming from crematoria. Our personal commitment guarantees complete control and transparency of the recycling process for you. The OrthoMetals solution is free of charge for all participating crematoria.


After deduction of our costs, most of the proceeds are returned to the crematoria by OrthoMetals. We encourage crematoria to support charity with the money they receive from recycling metals remaining after cremation.


OrthoMetals takes care of the complete recycling process, so crematoria can focus on what they do best.

A very special family business


Our recycling process is fully certified

to ensure we provide you with

the best service you can get.

Our founding story

In 1997, Jan Gabriëls and Ruud Verberne founded OrthoMetals. Jan was an orthopaedic surgeon and Ruud a logistic manager and recycling expert.

The combination of an innovative idea and experience resulted in a great solution: the recycling of metals remaining after cremation.

Since the start in 1997, the business has grown extensively, providing service to over 700 crematoria in 20 countries worldwide today.


Check out the timeline below to read all about the history of our company.


Ruud Verberne and Jan Gabriëls meet

1987 - In 1987 Ruud Verberne and Jan Gabriëls meet for the first time.

The idea is born

1992 - Orthopedic surgeon Jan Gabriëls starts to think about the idea to recycling implants that remain after cremation. He is looking for partners to team up with and decides to share his idea with Ruud Verberne.

Oprichting OrthoScrap VOF

1997 - The general partnership 'OrthoScrap' is officially founded by partners Jan Gabriëls and Ruud Verberne. This is the beginning of OrthoMetals.

Sorting in the basement

1998 - In the very beginning of OrthoMetals, the sorting of the metals remaining after cremation was done in the basement of the Gabriëls residence. 

Relocation to Harderwijk

2007 - After years of sorting in Zuidwolde, OrthoMetals has made a giant leap to professionalize the company. In Harderwijk, OrthoMetals has access to a large sorting facility for the recycling business.

Hilgo Gabriëls joins

2007 - The first family member, besides the founders, joins OrthoMetals. Son of Jan Gabriëls, Hilgo, is the first to join the company. His knowledge of business, IT and innovative solutions is used for the growth of the company worldwide.

Jan-Willem Gabriëls joins

2008 - In 2008, Jan-Willem Gabriëls completed the family business from the Gabriëls side. After re...

Relocation to Zaltbommel

2009 - OrthoMetals is relocated to a new sorting facility in Zaltbommel, because of the growth of th...

Nienke Verberne joins

2010 - Daughter of co-founder Ruud Verberne, Nienke Verberne, has joined our family business OrthoMe...

Relocation to Zwolle

2010 - In 2010 we moved our sorting facility from Zaltbommel to Zwolle. A more spacious location....

Hidde Verberne joins

2012 - The family business is now complete, with the joining of Hidde Verberne, son of Ruud Verberne...

Jan Gabriëls passed away

2012 - On september 11th 2012, one of the founders of OrthoMetals, Jan Gabriëls has passed away. We...

New sorting facility

2013 - Our new sorting facility in Meppel (The Netherlands) has been opened in 2013. We are proud to...

Transfer of management to next generation

2015 - On the 5th of september 2015 the management of the family owned business OrthoMetals has bee...

Meet the OrthoMetals team

Hidde Verberne Orthometals

Hidde Verberne

Commercial & Logistics
Jan Willem Gabriels orthometals

Jan-Willem Gabriëls

Commercial & Precious metals
Ruud Verberne Orthometals

Ruud Verberne

Commercial advisor

Hilgo Gabriëls

Quality, Health, Safety & Environment
Nienke Verberne Orthometals

Nienke Verberne

Finance & Office

Anna Gabriëls

Sorting advisor