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Frequently Asked Questions

about the OrthoMetals solution.

What is the amount I will receive for a full box?

Contrary to some other companies OrthoMetals does not work with fixed prices per box. After sorting, the value per kilogram or container is determined. This value is given back to you after deducting a percentage for the costs OrthoMetals makes. We can guarantee, from experience, that the outcome is much higher than the fixed price per kilogram or container.

What is the weight limit for the OrthoMetals box/container?

There is no weight limit in the box or container but please make sure it can properly close.

Are there specific criteria to join the OrthoMetals recycling program?

No, any crematorium can join. We have already rolled out our recycling solution in more than 15 countries. Please contact us for more information and start recycling with us today.

How can I contact OrthoMetals?

Please use the information on the contact page.

Can I only put implants in the box?

Contrary to other companies that offer similar services, OrthoMetals recycles ALL metals remaining after cremation, not just implants. We are willing to take all metals so as to provide you with the best service.

Can I choose my own charity to donate the proceeds to?

Yes you are free to choose a (local) charity. OrthoMetals will transfer the proceeds back to the crematorium.

What happens to the collected metals?

All metals are shipped to a central storing location and sorted under the supervision of OrthoMetals. After the metals have been sorted, the metals are melted to ensure that the end product will be unrecognizable and can never be re-used as an implant.

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