Jan Gabriëls (09-02-1948 11-09-2012)

Jan Gabriëls (09-02-1948 11-09-2012)

Jan Gabriëls – 9th February 1948 – 11th September 2012

On September 11th 2012 Jan Gabriëls, my co-founder and the man who envisioned the recycling of metals remaining after cremation, passed away at the age of 64.

For more than 20 years we have worked together building on Jan’s idea of recycling Orthopedic implants after cremation. What started as an idea, grew into our family company OrthoMetals, employing a.o. Jan’s wife Anna, his two sons and two of my own children.

Jan was a well known character in the cremation society, attending conferences and visiting crematoria for the collection of metals. His hard-working attitude, his humour and his skill will be remembered for ever.

Just three months prior to September 11th, Jan became a grandfather for the first time and he was a few months away from retirement from his almost 30 year career as an orthopedic surgeon to focus more on the future of OrthoMetals.

Jan’s family have accepted the challenge of continuing with his life work.

Our thoughts are with them.

Ruud Verberne
Co-founder OrthoMetals
Zwolle 2012