With our work, we support charity.

Most of our revenue is used

by crematoriums to return

something to the society.

We care

We care for you! With the OrthoMetals solution, we provide a service to make sure you can do what you do best.At the same time we provide you with the opportunity to support (local) charity.


The metals remaining after cremations are not wasted, but they will be turned into raw materials for new innovative products. None of the metals will be recognizably re-used for medical implant purposes.


After deduction of our costs, most of the proceeds are returned to the crematoria by OrthoMetals. We encourage crematoria to support (local) charity with the money they receive from recycling metals remaining after cremation.


The proceeds can also be distributed on behalf of your crematorium amongst respected charities and institutes we made contact with over the years.


Let’s support charity together!


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