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Our recycling solution is completely free of charge for all crematoria that want to participate.



When you start working with OrthoMetals for the recycling of your remaining metals, we provide you with free wheelie bins or boxes. All metals that remain after cremation go into these bins or boxes. Generally we collect the bins once or twice a year or upon request to serve your needs. The OrthoMetals staff conducts the collection of the bins personally, with our own truck. That way we guarantee complete control of the recycling process.


If you are using the OrthoMetals boxes, they can be sent to our sorting facility by prepaid shipping labels or transport arranged by OrthoMetals upon request.


Whenever you need a collection because the bins are full and we haven’t already contacted you to schedule a collection, just fill in the “pick-up form” and we schedule a pick-up as soon as possible. Or contact us directly at +31 (0)88 – 6784600 or Because we know how important it is to have a clean and safe working environment at your crematorium.


The collected bins are weighed on the truck at the crematorium and we leave signed paperwork behind for you. After we finish our pick-up round, we return to our sorting facility in The Netherlands.


At our facility we take care of the complete sorting process. Over the years we have developed custom made and specialized machinery for our sorting lines. Our trained staff and the sorting lines ensure we get the best sorting and recycling results for you.


The sorting process is done per crematorium, to ensure complete transparency. Throughout the sorting process, the metals are weighed and administered.


When this process is finished, the sorted precious metals are sent to a specialized refinery to analyse the material for their gold, silver, palladium and content.


Any waste material that is left over from the recycling process that is non-metal and non-recyclable will be professionally discarded.


At our partner foundries, the sorted metals are smelted for re-use. None of the metals will be recognizably re-used for other purposes than the original purpose.


The metals are sold at intraday prices (precious metals) or market prices (non-ferrous and implants).


After deduction of our costs, most of the proceeds are returned to the crematoria by OrthoMetals. We encourage crematoria to support charity with the money they receive from recycling metals remaining after cremation.


Our complete process takes place under strict ISO9001 and 14001 certification and mandatory country specific licences. That way we guarantee the best result for our clients.


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